A Look Into UPS Solutions for Data Centres

24th September 2021

Data centre disruptions can cause havoc in any organisation. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide 24/7 power protection for your critical systems, including your data centre. At Carter Sullivan, we design, install, manage and maintain UPS systems for data centres across the UK, providing peace of mind and protection.

In this article, we describe what UPS systems are and why they are crucial at protecting your data centre. Then, we’ll look at the levels of support available and how Carter Sullivan can help improve the safety of your power systems.

Why do you need a UPS for your data centre?

The growing rise of online threats has led many data centre operators to focus too closely on online threats, but any disruption of power to your data centre could lead to disaster.

Your data centre is the heart of your organisation, protecting your information and ensuring critical applications remain online. Data centres and server rooms require a reliable power source and significant power requirement to operate, leading them highly vulnerable. Any interruption can lead to disruptions in service and damage to your physical data centre infrastructure.

In the event of a power failure, you must safely shut down your critical load. In the event of an emergency, a UPS provides the time you need to manage this.

As well as emergency protection, a UPS system can help smooth out the flow of power, with all UPS systems offering surge protection. Power surges or unexpected voltage drops can damage equipment, but a UPS acts as a critical line of defence.

While many organisations are shifting to cloud computing, data centres still hold critical information and manage applications from their data centre. As energy demands grow and infrastructure becomes older, a UPS system is more important than ever for every business.

The costs of a power failure to your data centre could be huge, in lost performance and productivity, as well as the reputational damage among customers.

What does a UPS do?

A UPS system is a custom-designed power solution that ensures your mission-critical infrastructure is safe. If the power to your data centre becomes interrupted for any reason, a UPS will immediately click into action, safeguarding your supply.

UPS systems give you a chance to react and manage your critical load. In most cases, the UPS is coupled with a warning system that enables your IT team to act quickly to manage your systems.

Many customers want to know how long a UPS will last. It’s a complicated issue, but we’ve covered the question in a previous blog. Part of the process of designing a UPS system involves understanding your growth plans. For expanding businesses, modular UPS systems with a compact footprint can grow as your business does.

What sort of UPS do you need?

Each UPS solution is unique. We specialise in custom-designing UPS systems for our clients built around current data centre infrastructure and future plans.

We are a trusted partner to the world’s leading UPS providers, including Eaton, APC and Riello. We offer a wide range of products for all businesses and budgets. As well as the design and installation of UPS systems, we provide preventative maintenance, management and ongoing support.

To learn more about our UPS systems for data centres, get in touch today.

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Enjoy 24/7 power protection

The rise in cyber-crime and online threats has led many companies to focus too much on digital dangers, not the physical threats that could damage safe operations. Here are five reasons why a UPS system is critical to your business resilience planning.

24/7 power protection

First and foremost, a UPS system provides 247 peace of mind and protection for your data centre. When coupled with an early warning system, it can ensure you are confident and capable of dealing with a power loss or emergency.

Custom-designed solution

We specialise in custom UPS systems that are built around your data centres. It starts with a site survey to explore every aspect of your data centre solution, including current protection, power requirements and growth plans.

We ensure your energy storage system works at the highest energy efficiency, provides the best levels of protection at the lowest cost. We’ll work with you to configure a flexible enough system to safeguard your critical systems today and provide a platform for expansion.

UPS management & maintenance

Installation is the first step, but we support every customer with a package of stress-free support. This includes all the preventative maintenance, management and upkeep required to keep your UPS in perfect working order.

Stress-free support

As well as scheduled maintenance, our customers can select from a range of support packages that provide 24/7 support from experts and rapid call-outs from trained engineers.

Cost-effective security

The costs of a data centre outage could be massive, affecting your productivity and profitability, as well as potentially damaging customer relationships. Our UPS packages for data centres provide cost-effective protection from damage, disruption and emergencies that could affect your business.

Why Carter Sullivan?

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations in all sectors to improve the power protection for their data centres. You can read here how we’ve helped leading firms in financial services, the public sector, and more benefit from a custom-designed UPS solution.

Our approach puts your business at the heart of every solution. Working with the world’s leading UPS providers, we have the skills, expertise and insight in-house to provide industry-leading levels of protection. We’re always here when you need us, with options for 24/7 support from the UK’s leading UPS engineers.

To learn more about our range of UPS systems for data centres, contact us today.