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Specialist Power Systems – Accenture

Complex Bypass Panel for Specialist Power Systems (end user: Accenture)

The Requirement:

Our customer, SPS, contacted us with a demanding requirement for a customised bypass panel for one of their major clients.

The Solution:

Following lengthy discussions and the exchange of various emails, we were able to gain a full understanding of what was required to match the demanding requirements of the application. Our in-house technical department then provided detailed wiring diagrams and a project specification to our customer for approval. We worked closely with SPS ensuring the bypass panel would meet the end user’s changing specifications, until approval was given.  Changes that were implemented over the course of the design were additional cable entry points, full UPS interlocking and the ability for the panel to be floor mounted. From discussions about the site environment we were also able to identify that the panel needed to be supplied in three parts to overcome delivery and installation difficulties.

The panel was manufactured at our Head Office in Bedford and prior to delivery was fully tested at our premises with SPS, the end user and the installer present.

Why Carter Sullivan:

This project was ideally suited to us. Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke bypass panels ensured our customer would deliver an outstanding solution to his client. Our comprehensive design software is able to cope with extremely complex applications and due to our design and manufacturing teams being located on-site at our head office, the implementation of changes during manufacturing were simple to manage from beginning to end. We thrive in providing customised solutions and over the years have built a strong reputation for delivering solutions that are a innovative and reliable.