Nuco Technologies – Host IT


Nuco Technologies – Host IT

Data Centre installation for Nuco Technologies (end user: Host IT).
The Requirement:

Host IT required a solution to ensure its 48,000 Sq Ft Data Centre in Milton Keynes remained operational in the event of a power failure. The back-up system needed to be fully re-designed with fail-safe operation built-in.

The Solution:

Carter Sullivan worked closely with Host IT to design the right power infrastructure for the site.

The existing UPS systems were no longer suitable, so were removed by Carter Sullivan and scrapped in-line with current legislation. Carter Sullivan identified there was value in each UPS battery and arranged for these to be sold, which covered the cost of the UPS removal.

It was determined that the existing on-site generators were serviceable and these were restored to a fully operation condition by specialist generator maintenance teams. The site also included two LV panels supplying separate parts of the building.

Carter Sullivan designed and installed a solution to provide full N+N redundancy incorporating the two LV panels and the generators.  Two Eaton UPS systems were also installed to work as part of the new solution.

To finish the new solution, two new generator distribution panels and an external maintenance bypass switch were built.  Two new generator controllers were commissioned to integrate with the LV panels.

The cleverly designed solution ensured that should a generator, UPS or an LV panel fail, the data centre would remain fully operational.

Why Carter Sullivan?

Carter Sullivan is a total solutions provider. In this instance the company designed the new system, managed the project, undertook all the electrical installation work and will provide all on-going service and maintenance where required.

The customer only has to deal with one company helping to build up a strong long-term relationship.

Andrew Bishop, Managing Director, NUCO Technologies commented:

“Carter Sullivan is extremely professional across all areas of their business. Their extensive industry experience ensures they get what is required of them. In this application they were able to identify equipment that could stay and equipment that would be required to get us to where we wanted to be. We found this a refreshingly honest approach. We look forward to working with them on phase two”.