Impedance Testing

UPS battery impedance tests to protect your system. Impedance testing with identify battery problems before they can impact on your UPS system.


Engineer carrying out impedance testing on a UPS battery


Our UPS battery impedance tests will identify potential battery problems before they impact on the health of your UPS system. By monitoring the condition of your batteries, we are able to accurately predict when they will deteriorate. The impedance testing service will also recognise minor faults that may eventually impact on performance.

All tests are carried out by our in-house engineers, guaranteeing the best service to the highest standards. You will be provided with a detailed report, which will include current battery condition, any faults and the predicted lifespan. These preventative tests will make it easier for you to schedule and anticipate battery replacements, avoiding unexpected costs.

  • Carried out by experienced engineers
  • Identifying potential battery failure
  • Maintaining the overall health of your UPS
  • Helping you budget for the future
  • An accurate timeline of battery life
  • Comprehensive status reports
  • Competitive pricing
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