UPS Battery Replacement

UPS battery replacement and upgrade services. An expert engineering service that prevents faulty batteries from leading to major failures.


UPS battery replacement services

Our UPS battery replacement and upgrade service will protect your business from faulty batteries before they’re in a position to cut out. Carter Sullivan’s experienced team can carry out UPS battery replacements and upgrades on all models and manufacturers, from small single phase systems to complex strings of batteries.

Our battery replacement and upgrade service will identify weak spots before they impact on your business and lead to serious failures and downtime. All defects are checked and resolved quickly, providing you with complete power protection and peace of mind. Most standard UPS batteries last for up 4-5 years, but we can extend this by replacing it with a battery designed to have a longer lifespan.

  • Preventing battery faults
  • Protecting your business from power failures
  • Expert team of in-house engineers
  • Replacing and upgrading all brands
  • Identifying potential failures and weaknesses
  • Convenient replacement service
  • All handled in-hours at your convenience
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