Riello Authorised Service Partner

From our friendly sales managers, to our skilled technical engineers, through to our experienced project managers, Carter Sullivan provides every customer with unrivalled knowledge and professionalism.

Our relationships with leading manufacturers such as Riello enable us to have direct access to spare parts, software and firmware. Our clients also benefit from full manufacturers’ warranty and premium support packages, which can be tailored to your unique requirements.
"Riello are at the forefront of critical power technology and innovation. I am incredibly proud that our engineering team is authorised to service, maintain and repair Riello UPS systems"
Ultimate Power Protection
Riello UPS’s range of uninterruptible power supply systems incorporates solutions for every application, from small offices through to factories, utilities and data centres. Single phase or three phase UPS from 400 VA to 6.4 MVA. All Riello UPS power supplies are designed using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver reliable power protection in the most energy efficient way possible.
  • Sentinel (SDU)
  • Sentryum (S3M)
  • Multi Sentry (MST)
  • Next Energy (NXE)
  • Multi Power (MPW)
“Thank you so much for your support with today’s job. I think the engineer’s name is Lee – he was fabulous. Very organised and very accommodating.”
- Great Western Hospital


Our UPS installation service is unparalleled in the industry. Every UPS is bespoke to your business. We spend time learning about you, matching your requirements with the right product. Select an Riello UPS and you’ll benefit from our partnership and experience, with our dedicated team experts at supplying and installing your new UPS as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum of disruption to you and your work.



As an authorised partner, Carter Sullivan are recognised experts in Riello UPS maintenance, servicing and repairs. We’re able to offer a complete data centre support package, providing internal battery servicing, battery replacements, remote monitoring update and, installing additional surge protection devices that ensure your UPS delivers real power when it’s needed.

We become aware of essential servicing and maintenance requirements before anyone else. Working hand-in-hand with Riello, we’re able to source and supply critical parts quicker than anyone else – making us the right partner for your UPS installation, maintenance and servicing requirements.



It’s not just UPS installation and UPS maintenance that we provide, we’re also able to host technical training sessions of Riello products either on-site or at our dedicated training centre in Bedford. We can provide technical insight and support for all Riello products that you won’t get elsewhere.

  • Black-out simulation
  • Health & safety
  • Service & maintenance


Why Choose Us?

If you want a reason to choose us for your Riello UPS, then we’ll point you to the fact that we only use directly employed service & installation engineers.  On average our own in-house team installs 5 UPS systems and services 20+ units every week. Over the last 16 years we developed a superb team of  manufacturer trained engineers along with all the tooling and processes to safely install and maintain power protection systems into businesses across the UK.

If you would like to discuss your UPS needs, then contact us today.

  • Riello authorised partner
  • Experts in UPS installation
  • Complete after sales support
  • Bespoke Demo Facility