UPS Power Products

Power products and services to complement your UPS installation. Our range of power products has been built with your UPS installation in mind. Each product will complement your system, offering additional protection to your business.


UPS power products, PDU, racks and storage and power management software


Our clients have access to a large selection of associated power products, from bypass switches and fire suppression through to PDUs and cabling. Our team will provide expert, unbiased recommendations about the best product for you and your business, ensuring that your products and services integrate seamlessly into your UPS solution.

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Carter Sullivan is an independent provider of various power products and trusted partners of market-leading manufacturers. Our experienced team will recommend the best products and services to suit your requirements.

Our PDUs provide reliable, cost-effective power distribution together with highly accurate monitoring and control of your data centre IT equipment. Our PDUs allow you to: distribute power to your IT equipment, accurately measure and control power consumption, monitor power efficiencies, determine the metrics you want to track and allow remote data centre control.

Designed for fast and easy set-up, our series of racks come complete with multiple features ideal for IT specialists. They are available in an affordable, ready-to-go enclosure including casters, lockable side panels, step-less rail positioning, U-markings and a grounding kit. Our racks can be easily assembled into aisle containment configurations with pre-fabricated end-of-row doors and horizontal roofs which are simple, fast and easy to install.

A full range of easy-to-use cable management, airflow management and storage accessories are also available.

Power management software gives you the tools you need to monitor and manage power equipment in your physical and virtual environments. It allows you to easily define business continuity policies to keep your IT devices up and running in case of a critical power failure. This innovative software solution ensures system uptime and data integrity by allowing you to remotely monitor, manage and control the devices on your network.