The UK’s leading UPS experts

For over 20 years, Carter Sullivan has set the standard for the installation and maintenance of UPS systems. Whatever you need to protect, you’re in safe hands with us.

Our process

Here’s what our standard UPS installation process looks like, from end to end. Bear in mind, however, that we devise a bespoke approach for every client. We don’t do cookie-cutter processes or plug-and-play solutions. At best, they waste money – at worst, they risk failing when you need them most.

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Site visit
Arguably the most important part of the whole process, our free site survey allows us to meet you, analyse your infrastructure, and understand exactly what it is you want to achieve.
We’ll summarise what we found during our site visit and present you with the best UPS solution to meet your needs, budget, space and timescales.
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Once you’ve approved your UPS design and the order is agreed, we’ll produce drawings and a single-line diagram for you and our engineers. Leading up to installation, we’ll provide detailed RAMS and the details of your install team.
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On average installation happens at around six weeks, although this can be quicker or longer, depending on the final design. We will work closely with you to manage any required downtime.
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Maintenance and aftercare
A tailored maintenance package ensures the UPS protecting your business is itself protected. Performance is optimised, downtime is avoided, and savings are made.
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We’re proud to be at the forefront of the green revolution in UPS systems. When your solution eventually reaches the end of its life – many years from now! – we’ll decommission and recycle it.


We’ve long maintained strong partnerships with the leading manufacturers of UPS and critical power systems. These acclaimed brands trust in our unmatched expertise and meticulous service.

Why work with us?

You’ll often hear our consultants and engineers refer to ‘The Carter Sullivan Way’. But what does that actually entail, and how does it benefit your organisation?

We’re rigorous

We put in the hard work now so that you can reap the benefits later. We’re renowned for our preparedness, flexibility and can-do determination.

We’re transparent

We’re brand-agnostic and crystal-clear on pricing. Our processes are an open book, and the solution we devise for you will be explained with absolute clarity.

We’re attentive

Our partnership with you goes far beyond product sales. We don’t hide behind emails; we’ll pick up the phone to guide and advise whenever we can.

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We’re accountable

We’d like our partnership with you to be longstanding. We know that kind of relationship can only thrive when both sides have total trust in each other.

We’re diligent

We never have a readymade solution in mind. Identifying the right tool for the job takes expertise, experience and effort – and we’re proud to supply all three.

We deliver on promises

Our plans and timelines are always achievable, and only ever devised with the best possible outcomes in mind. In short, we’re on your side.

Our accreditations

Who we work with

“Very professional, very knowledgeable and performed their tasks precisely and in a timely manner. Really impressed with the work completed.”
“One of the best teams I’ve worked with. Great workmanship, thoroughness and enjoyable to work with. Thank you all!”
“The site contact who oversaw the work said the Carter Sullivan engineers were ‘the best he’s ever seen’.”
“The engineer arrived promptly, was well presented and courteous. Explained what was going to happen, and then what had been done once the job was completed.”
“A very professional, organised and accommodating engineer. We'd be very pleased to see him return to GWH.”
“Simon was happy to accommodate our production-related issues. Not all companies or engineers are as willing to be flexible, but he ensured everything went smoothly.”
“Nathan took time out during and after the work to explain what his job entailed. Good, safe, tidy work carried out from start to finish.”
“Danny was amazing. He faced issues with one of our UPS systems, but persevered and thought ‘outside the box' to get the four battery bays functioning.”
“Engineers were efficient, extremely polite, and clean and tidy. Genuinely pleased with the way they worked. Certainly made my life a lot easier.”

How can we help?

Whatever your organisation’s critical-power needs, Carter Sullivan will work with you to find a solution that ensures long-term safety and security.