Les Ambassadeurs Club – Data Centre Project

06th August 2018

Carter Sullivan were approached by our trusted partner Eaton to undertake a data centre build at one of London’s most iconic casinos, Les Ambassadeurs Club. Located in a grand Victorian townhouse in the affluent Mayfair district, Les Ambassadeurs is the capital’s most distinguished casino and has been frequented by aristocrats, diplomats and celebrities since the early 19th century. This would be a hugely exciting project for us.

The data centre build at Les Ambassadeurs Club included the installation of a 93PM 50kW N+N UPS system, associated distribution and battery build. We were also tasked with the project management of the data centre construction, including raised flooring and cooling.



The Les Ambassadeurs site itself, Hamilton Place, is protected by English Heritage, which presented us with several challenges. The proposed data centre area was incredibly small, with space for only four server racks managing up to 15kW each. The client also required chilled water and DX cooling for redundancy.




The construction took place over the course of 12 weeks. During this time, raised flooring, cable containment, chilled water and DX cooling, server racks, N+N power distribution and 93PM 50kW UPS systems were installed. Carter Sullivan also worked closely with the client to allow structured cabling and fire suppression to be installed at key points throughout the project.

The project was meticulously planned with English Heritage regulations and space limitations in mind. The programme for deliveries and installation was carefully controlled, along with the design of raised flooring to allow for tile removal and access.




The Les Ambassadeurs data centre project was completed on time and to budget. Both our client Eaton and their customer, the casino, were tremendously happy with the results. Though challenging, it proved to be an enjoyable and exciting project and one that we will remember with fondness.