Spreadex – UPS Replacement for Financial Giant

06th August 2018
Spreadex employees in their control room

UPS Replacement for Financial Giant Spreadex. Spreadex is a British-based sport and financial betting company and the world number one for sports spread betting. In March 2018 we replaced their faulty 120kW UPS with a Riello MPW 120kVA system.




Spreadex required the replacement of a faulty UPS system with minimal disruption to their data centre. Access into the installation room was difficult and there was limited space available. There was also a large amount of electrical work to complete within a small window.




We proposed to run the new UPS input and output cables in the existing containment during the working week before the UPS was delivered. We did this without the need to power off. When the UPS arrived we met the delivery and positioned it strategically in the plant room. We then terminated the cabling at the UPS input and got the DC cables ready.

During the shutdown window, which was at midnight during the weekend, we powered down the existing UPS and connected the batteries to the new UPS. We then disconnected the existing input cables and terminated our new ones.

We commissioned the UPS and restored power to the customer’s load. This was all completed in under four hours, when the client had planned for eight hours. The old UPS was made ready for removal from site and was removed the following working day.




A major highlight to this project was the minimal disruption to services. The new UPS system offered the client increased efficiency, lower running costs and improved reliability. We were delighted to complete the project well within deadlines, to budget, and with minimal disruption.

“Having been nervous about having to shut down our data centre we were relieved when Carter Sullivan attended site and worked out a solution for us that would have minimal impact on our operations.” – Client

“Whilst this was a routine install for us it still required careful planning to ensure no delays on the night. If you don’t plan even the routine jobs properly you can become unstuck. Both teams of engineers completed the job quickly, efficiently and safely.” – Carter Sullivan Stakeholder