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Energy Storage – making energy management work

Energy Storage systems give you total control over your power production and consumption. You can store, save and supply energy - lowering costs, improving resilience, and reducing waste.

Our Energy Storage systems can harness power from renewable energy sources, enabling you to avoid costly tariffs by storing energy off-peak and using it at peak times.

Benefits of containerised storage include:

  • Enabling PV self-consumption
  • Peak shaving
  • Load shifting
  • Back-up power
  • Electric vehicle charging station integration
  • Grid support
Harnessing Energy

Climate change is a critical threat to the planet, and we must all do more to decarbonise the economy.

Renewable energy storage is vital to a safe future, helping us manage energy usage by storing precious power.

Our containerised solution ensures valuable energy isn’t lost but safely stored where it can be used to supply your infrastructure during peaks, electric power vehicles or returned to the grid.

It’s part of a clean energy future that’s better for all of us.


How we integrate Energy Storage into your business

Our expert team can design, commission, install and manage an Energy Storage system that works for you. We can help build a business case for storage that delivers performance and profit.

Site Assessment

Our completely free site-assessments delve into the details. Together, we look at your energy production capacity, your existing systems and potential cost reductions and returns.

We analyse and assess your requirements and crunch the numbers. Together we can build a business case for a commercial battery storage system delivers consistent returns to justify your investment.


Using the data from the site assessment, we’re able to design and configure an affordable energy storage system.

We specify the right system for your requirements, balancing performance and capacity with costs and savings for maximum efficiency. We focus on tomorrow, future-proofing your system for the long-term. It’s scalable, and can grow as quickly as you do.


Our experts will ensure that your system is configured to meet the G99 legislation for safe generator connections.

We take care of all civil works, installations, site acceptance tests, electrical inspections and EESS commissioning assessments ensuring your connection delivers from day one.


We provide scheduled maintenance and management support that ensures your power storage system remains safe and productive.

Delivering optimum power and performance, we regularly test Energy Storage systems to ensure they’re working effectively. We’re able to troubleshoot, solving issues before they become a problem. Our management solution provides 100% peace of mind.


Energy Storage Systems 10kW – 3mW

Our Energy Storage solutions are Scalable, modular and customisable. You can take complete control of your energy storage infrastructure. It’s easy to add capacity, growing when you need it.

We’ve developed a highly-efficient solution that maximises capacity and minimises losses. Our advanced system controls and proprietary battery management system deliver the consistent performance you can rely on.

Containerised Energy Storage

Containerised energy storage is a simple, all-in-one solution for all renewable energy producers.

Our purpose-built containers can be deployed quickly wherever there is space. You can add additional modules when you need more capacity.

Every containerised storage solution is constructed to the highest standards and uses only the best quality components. They’re built to last, designed to perform and easy to integrate.

We guarantee minimum downtime and maximum storage with every installation.


Energy Storage supporting Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

EV charging is energy-intensive and expensive, particularly during peak times. Energy storage systems can help you to capture energy at the lowest cost and supply it to power EV infrastructure or return it to the grid when required.

Additional benefits of EV storage include:

  • Peak shaving – allowing installation of EV chargers where connection restrictions apply
  • Scalable, modular and customisable – even movable as an option
  • Highly efficient with minimum system losses
  • High value, no compromise quality, reduced design and construction costs and chances of downtime during construction
  • Fast deployment

Advantages of battery Energy Storage systems

Cost savings
Cost Reduction
Revenue Streams
Energy Resilience
Green Credentials

Cost savings

When your demand increases, the stored energy can be released to provide for higher loads or programmed to discharge when energy costs are highest.

Battery storage solutions save money by providing on-demand access to low-cost power. Our programmable smart inverters can be configured to automatically draw down power when tariffs are low and discharge it during peak times - enabling you to avoid high-cost red-tariffs.

Whether you use it or supply to the grid, storing renewable energy in battery packs ensures you'll always have access to clean, green power.

Smarter power
Cost Reduction
Revenue Streams
Energy Resilience
Green Credentials

Smarter power

Generate revenue by using your stored energy and release it to the grid, taking part in frequency regulation programmes.

We can integrate all intelligent power storage systems within the National Grid. You can store excess capacity and supply it back to the grid at peak times to deliver a profit.

We design Energy Storage systems to deliver peak performance and generate revenue in the short term power market and frequency response markets.

Robust, reliable power
Cost Reduction
Revenue Streams
Energy Resilience
Green Credentials

Robust, reliable power

Our systems can provide you with energy if the grid fails, ensuring critical systems keep running and you avoid costly downtime.

In an emergency, your Energy Storage system provides a robust and resilient source of power that's independent of the grid.

They can operate as an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Configured to deliver power to critical systems and infrastructure during an emergency they can provide vital protection for your business.

Greener, cleaner energy
Cost Reduction
Revenue Streams
Energy Resilience
Green Credentials

Greener, cleaner energy

Store renewable energy when the sun is shining to use morning, noon and night.

As the world turns away from fossil fuels, renewable Energy Storage is the future. Energy Storage ensures that all wind and solar energy generated is captured, not wasted.

Energy Storage systems provide a valuable bank of clean, green energy on demand - lowering your carbon footprint and improving your green credentials.

farmer Energy Storage coffee shop wind turbines Energy Storage

Giving back to the grid and the environment

The interconnected smart grid is a crucial part of an environmentally friendly future. Battery storage systems save energy when it’s produced and deliver it when it’s needed. By matching supply to demand, we can save resources, lower costs and protect our planet.

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‘We’ve invested in years of research, development and design to ensure that we are at the forefront of electric Energy Storage solutions in the UK.’

Mark Anderson - Carter Sullivan Director
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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Storage is the process of capturing and storing power. Power can be taken from the grid or produced by solar panels or wind turbines. The energy produced is stored within battery packs where it can be called upon to be used when it’s needed.

Battery Energy Storage systems use rechargeable batteries to store energy. The power is stored in banks of networked batteries that are monitored and managed by an intelligent system. The energy can be used on-demand or supplied directly to the grid.

An Energy Storage system contains three parts.

  1. The batteries safely store the energy.
  2. An inverter converts the energy so that it can be stored in the batteries and reconverts it when it needs to be delivered back to the grid.
  3. The import/export controller that manages how much energy is returned to the grid and how much remains in the batteries.

Smart grids are intelligent power systems that use technology to match the demand for energy with its supply. A smart grid contains energy sources that can be called upon to add capacity to the network when it’s needed, during peak times of demand. The grid can take energy from power plants as well as accessing networked Energy Storage systems. A smart grid ensures the optimal use of electricity.

We exclusively work with Eaton Power Storage systems, a global leader in the production and supply of Energy Storage equipment. We use Nissan batteries to store power. These are built to exacting standards to ensure consistent and safe storage and supply of power.

Eaton power storage systems are safe, reliable and efficient. They are the only batteries on the market that have been tested to ensure that any fire and explosion remains within the cells and doesn’t spread. This contains the danger and keeps you safe.

Containerised Energy Storage units are standalone units that house everything you need to store and supply power. At Carter Sullivan we design and build commercial Energy Storage systems inside shipping containers. They’re configured and commissioned off-site and can be deployed immediately.

These rugged and robust containerised storage units are particularly suitable for collecting the power generated by solar, water and wind. They’re ideal for use where suitable building space may not be available or cost-effective to commission. Containerised storage solutions are easily transferred from site-to-site, providing the perfect modular solution.

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