Industrial UPS Systems

Not all UPS are destined for data centres. Some are required to deliver maximum power and protection in extreme industrial environments. We design, install and commission power systems for all industrial applications and in all sectors. 

Our UPS systems will provide the essential electrical power that keeps you producing. 

Built for industry

In industrial settings, your infrastructure is constantly under threat from the rigours of manufacturing processes. Dangers include frequent power outages, surges and spikes.

Our UPS solutions and services are designed specifically for the challenges of control applications and harsh environments. They will protect your critical equipment from damage caused by power fluctuations, interruptions and cuts, keeping you working whatever happens.

Designed for demanding applications

Industrial UPS systems need to be built to withstand significant forces. Also, your power infrastructure needs to be incredibly resilient to withstand dangers, including changes in temperature and exposure to moisture and dust. To have confidence you need consistent, secured power, that protects your critical systems at all times. At the heart of this is your UPS.

At Carter Sullivan, we install over 600 UPS systems every year. We work with industrial businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, including the UK’s leading industrial and production line businesses. We pride ourselves on our tried and tested UPS installation processes and procedures.

We have established relationships with the biggest UPS brands in the world, including Eaton, Riello and APC UPS systems.

Eaton industrial UPS systems

Eaton produces exceptional quality UPS products, pushing boundaries to bring new ideas to the market. They match this with a strong focus on customer service. We partner with Eaton, combining our expertise to deliver exceptional UPS systems designed for you.

Riello industrial UPS systems

Riello UPS produce a massive range of UPS systems suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Riello UPS has a strong focus on the environment, and offer impressive customer service support. We’re proud to offer Riello UPS products to our customers.

APC industrial UPS systems

APC has been the industry standard for UPS systems for over 40 years. APC matches its market-leading credentials with a strong dedication to sustainability, leading the green revolution in UPS systems. Every APC product is built to provide greater energy efficiency. They use fewer hazardous substances during production and offer eco-friendly recycling and disposal options.

Maintenance and management

We only use the best UPS products, all of which are covered by a full warranty that keeps you protected. We’re brand-neutral, working with you to identify the best solution for you and your business.

We offer a range of maintenance solutions, including 24/7 service packages, routine inspections and maintenance plans. We offer remote monitoring solutions that keep you in control at all times.

Pre-UPS installation checks

Every project we undertake starts with a free site survey where we learn about you and your business. Our expert engineers will assess your current systems and infrastructure and discuss your plans for future growth.

We’ll design a solution that works together. From then, we’ll configure, install and commission the critical power systems that you need.

Security and safety

Your UPS system must be installed and commissioned by trained experts. Health & Safety is a key priority for us. Every UPS project covered by method statements and risk assessments that ensure consistent quality. Your safety is our first priority.

All UPS installations are carried out by our team of qualified professionals. They will ensure that every component is fitted correctly and tested before use, giving you power and peace-of-mind.

Industrial growth

Every UPS installation starts with a detailed understanding of you and your business. Our UPS installations are scalable and robust, built to support your growth plans.

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