Server Room UPS Solutions

Designed for Power Failure. Carter Sullivan offers a wide range of server room UPS solutions to protect critical IT equipment and infrastructure in the event of a power failure.

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What is a server room?

A server room is a designated area within a business which is specifically designed to provide a controlled and managed environment, such as a data centre. Data centres can house multiple servers and systems within a single location.

What happens to a server room during a power outage?

Power outages can have devastating effects on both your IT hardware and the data stored upon it. A good UPS solution can provide your organisation with protection against such outages.

In the event of a power outage the following steps are triggered to protect your organisation and its infrastructure:

During normal operation, the UPS takes the incoming mains, converts it to DC power via the Rectifier and keeps its batteries charged. The UPS then converts the DC power back to AC via the Inverter and feeds this out to your equipment. The UPS cleans and smooths the power as it converts so the supply going to your equipment is clean, perfectly formed and free from noise.

Upon a mains failure, the UPS essentially continues to operate as normal except there are no mains to charge the batteries, so the batteries discharge. This continues to provide you with the same smooth and clean power until either the mains is restored or the batteries fully discharge. By the time the batteries are fully discharged the UPS automated software would have shut your equipment down gracefully, or you would have shut the equipment down yourself manually, thus preventing any losses and damage to hardware.

Choosing a server room UPS solution

Choosing the right Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a critical step in the design and implementation of a power protection system.

Server rooms, communications centres and control rooms are often smaller-scale installations when compared with data centres. Yet each of these still requires adequate power protection and security. The power continuity, energy efficiency and scalability are all important factors when considering server room UPS solutions.

Server room environments are typically small in size and often not located on the ground floor which means access can be difficult. As with all critical power installations, minimum disruption to IT services during the installation and commissioning is an important factor to consider.

Carter Sullivan have identified these unique challenges and provide installation of high efficiency, compact systems. We recommend the Eaton 9PX 5-11kW UPS, Eaton 93PS UPS and APC SmartUPS systems for server rooms.

Once installed, Carter Sullivan can provide maintenance services and after-sales support to keep your UPS solution operating at peak efficiency. All of our maintenance contracts include priority support which means you can feel confident in our service at all times of the day.

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server room design

Designing a server room that is fit for purpose, spacious and safe is very important for any organisation and its IT professionals. Creating an environment where staff can troubleshoot server or network issues and perform routine maintenance is essential.

Our experienced team can support you with the design of your server room and power management systems, including installation of the following components:

  • Power Modules
  • Power Transfer Switches
  • Power Distribution Units


Carter Sullivan have supported a number of clients with the installation of server room UPS solutions, including Amdocs Chiswick and Les Ambassadeurs Casino.
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