Inside our Data Centre Showroom – Access All Areas

26th April 2021

At Carter Sullivan, our data centre showroom gives clients and customers the chance to get up close and personal with our industry-leading range of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

We offer every customer the chance to enjoy a personalised and immersive experience in our cutting-edge Data Centre Showroom. If you’ve never visited our demo facility before, here’s an access-all-areas view inside our Data Centre Showroom. 

Leading brand

At Carter Sullivan, we specialise in integrating uninterruptible power supplies and supporting systems to protect your business. Our UPS demo facility features several live and working systems and racks, enabling us to demonstrate to customers the power, potential and protection a UPS system from Carter Sullivan provides.

We showcase products from a range of partners, including Eaton, Riello and APC. As the UK’s trusted supplier for these brands, we’re given exclusive access to new development, essential upgrades and innovations which we can share with our customers. 

Our data centre showroom ensures that we remain at the forefront of UPS technology and solutions. During the coronavirus pandemic, the showroom has provided us with a unique opportunity to design, deliver, manage and maintain critical power systems that businesses rely on.

Live demonstrations

We design UPS solutions with your unique business requirements in mind. At our demo facility, we’re able to provide live demonstrations of all UPS products, so you can see them working.

Our team can work with you to develop bespoke switchgear to support your systems. All UPS systems are tested in a controlled environment, following IEC 60439, to mitigate the risk of incompatibility and downtime. 

Live demonstrations allow customers to see how products perform. It’s also a chance to compare products and ensure that your investment is spent wisely. 

ups data showroom visitor

New-product testing

We design, install, integrate and maintain critical power systems utilising market-leading UPS systems. Our in-house engineering team ensures precision and professionalism in every project. Before we recommend any UPS products to our customers, we put them through their paces in our demo facility.

By testing UPS systems, we can provide informed insights to our customers based on experience, not spec sheets. 

The information we gather gives us a crucial advantage over resellers who never get up close and personal with the UPS products they’re selling.  

Real-world problem solving

Our Data Centre Showroom provides a valuable test environment that enables us to support manufacturers with fault finding. We can recreate issues that engineers have experienced, or customers have complained about. 

This enables the identification and rectification of problems that could affect the smooth operation of UPS systems. The information and insights we provide improve the operation and long-term performance of UPS systems from the world’s leading brands.

Engineer training 

The Data Centre Showroom plays a crucial role in ensuring our engineers and technicians remain at the forefront of maintenance and repair for all leading UPS manufacturers.

The facility provides a unique opportunity for them to test their installation, maintenance, fault-finding, and repairs skills. The showroom recreates the workplace environment but removes the risks – giving them a safe space to sharpen their skills.

The facilities and opportunities offered by our showroom are one of the reasons why our engineers are the most respected in the industry.

ups data showroom

Critical power protection

Over the last 13 years, we’ve established a reputation as the leading authority in critical power protection, with many satisfied customers. From concept to completion, our in-house engineers provide expertly engineered power protection you can count on. 

The investment we have made in the Data Centre Showroom has helped ensure that we remain at the forefront of UPS technology. This helps us continue to deliver for our valued clients and new customers. 

Contact us today if you would like to discuss a new power protection system.