The Benefits of Carter Sullivan’s Managed Service

24th September 2021

Our Managed Service is designed to provide you, your staff and your customers with a superior level of support 24/7/365. Built bespoke to your business, it’s the total solution for power protection.

Whatever the size of your organisation or sector, our Managed Service can improve the way you work. Here are 5 key benefits of a managed service.

What is a managed service?

IT systems power modern organisations, with critical infrastructure such as data centres integral to every person and process. However, while organisations rely on such systems, few have the knowledge, expertise and skills to manage and maintain them. Without it, these systems are at risk from emergency problems and emerging threats.

Carter Sullivan’s managed service can fill this gap. Every managed service customer receives expert support and advice 24/7. Our team of engineers are on hand and available to advise you. If required, an engineer can be on-site in hours, with everything they need to solve the problem and restore your systems.

It’s not just emergency support; we investigate, analyse and audit your power system to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities – and provide straightforward solutions.

We offer three levels of protection, catering for every business and every budget. Our support services include:

  • Power Audit
  • Software Updates
  • Firmware Updates
  • Incident Support
  • Procurement Support
  • Technology Enablement Sessions
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • User Training
  • Asset Management
  • Power Map
  • Technical Support
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • On-site Response

Our managed service is tailored to your requirements, your systems and your staff. We support your organisation and employees to stay protected and remain profitable.

5 key benefits of a managed service

Here are 5 ways our managed service can help every business work better, smarter, and faster.

Expert support 365/24/7

In an emergency, it’s critical that you respond immediately. Our Managed Service provides coverage every minute, of every day of the year.

It’s peace of mind and protection for all staff that you’re covered. If you need to call us, we can provide information and guidance to help you solve most issues. If we need to visit you, we will instruct an engineer to visit your premises and come equipped with everything they need in an emergency.

We’re on-call and available to restore your crucial systems as soon as possible.

Technical training & ongoing guidance

All Managed Service customers can take advantage of our tailored training programmes. We’ll work with your in-house team to support you with in-depth training and development that can fill any gaps in knowledge.

All training is based around your systems, equipment and infrastructure. At the same time as providing support, we can help your organisation develop the capacity and capability to manage in an emergency.

managed service for ups

Optimises your infrastructure

Every new customer benefits from a detailed power audit where we scrutinise every aspect of your IT system. During the process, a qualified and skilled electrical engineer will create a single line diagram, a circuit list and a comprehensive asset list. They will also produce a written status report.

This information and insight into your systems help us identify any weaknesses and areas that we could improve. Working with you, we can optimise your infrastructure, adding strength, improving stability and increasing security.

If we identify weak points in your infrastructure, we’ll provide solutions to fix them. In some cases, this may involve installing and configuring power upgrades. This is all part of the service and key to ongoing power protection.

If you choose to purchase new equipment, we’ll help you specify and select the right system that delivers performance at the right price.

Reduces downtime and operational interruptions

Any time your systems are down means your organisation isn’t productive, which can affect profits. Our managed service provides the highest levels of protection for your power systems, minimising downtime and operational interruptions.

If your business is affected by unforeseen circumstances or events, we’re on-hand and available to provide immediate support. Depending on the level of your support package, we can be with you in hours to help restore systems and power productivity.

Future proof protection

We ensure your systems are safe not just for today, but tomorrow, too. This involves both scheduled and preventative maintenance activities. Naturally, we’ll service all systems according to schedule, but we go one step further – working proactively to identify emerging threats and dangers and mitigating them.

Our support provides organisations with the confidence to grow. So whether you’re adding 1 or 100 additional staff members, we’ll ensure the systems are in place to support your growth.

In addition, we can help you if you choose to move premises, working with you to enjoy a smooth and stable transition.

Want to know more about our Managed Service?

There are three steps to experiencing the peace of mind and protection provided by our Managed Service:

Contact us, and we’ll discuss your organisation, power requirements and existing systems
We’ll perform a power audit that provides critical insight into your organisation
Select a suitable Managed Service package, and our expert engineers will provide support immediately.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organisation to stay connected and in control.